Tuesday, 8 February 2011

website essay

Through looking at different schools websites I have come to the conclusion that they all have the same, warm, welcoming theme. The colour’s used are gentle and kind, pastel colour’s which are easy on the eye. The clear layout and easy use if the website means that the user can tell that it shows that the designers have spent time thinking about it, which intern brings a better opinion of the school. The colour’s and the fonts used are big and catching, which therefore makes the website welcoming to the viewer. Most of the sites that I visited have images of the pupils in their school day. All of the images are similar, with the pupils creating or learning, all with smiles on heir faces. These images portray the school as a friendly, educational school with unlimited opportunities. There are also normally an interactive section of the website. Either a video or a slide show are the most common features, however, there are also features such as drop downs and a student area. All of the websites that I have viewed each have a Headmaster’s welcome message. This message is a formal message that links in what the school does and why it is good for the parent’s child. This message needs to convince the parents that this school is the best school for their child. There is always a crest of the school badge on each page with normally the school colour’s as the theme, with the schools motto near. On the home page, there are links to other pages. Things like; ‘subjects, extracurricular activities and school events’ are the most common links to the other pages. These allow the viewers to go to ether pages of the website to view more details about the school. Websites that have these, I find are far more useful then those that don’t. The more informative the website is, the higher the opinion the viewer’s opinion of the school is. Several of the websites that I visited also have links to other websites. Sites like ‘Google’, educational sites like ‘Sam Learning’ and university sites such as ‘UCAS’ are the most common links on the schools main pages. On every one of the websites that I visited, each one had a search bar so that it could make that website far easier to use and far more user friendly therefore creating a higher opinion of the school in the viewers minds.

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