Sunday, 8 May 2011


Question 1.
In What Ways Does Your Media Product Use, Develop or Challenge Forms and Conventions of Real Media Products?
The website for FITT club that I have created; I feel is a website that uses all sorts of different conventions from different websites all put into one. My website, through bold and friendly colours, I believe is far more welcoming and interesting then the other health and fitness websites that I have researched. I have used the layouts of some of the websites that I have researched and that I feel have been aesthetically pleasing to the viewer’s eye and developed them to be less formal so the viewer feels more comfortable using it. From the front page you can straight away interact with the website in a simply and efficient way, whilst other similar websites are often confusing to use therefore the viewer looses interest
The home page, the main page of my website has all of the information required to use the site. Interactive elements such as the sports balls as links to other pages on the website as well as scrolling text and a help toolbar that I found was needed through research in questionnaires. This is different to the usual simple and boring drop-down toolbars found on similar websites. The use of an audio-visual piece is what I found that other similar health and fitness websites were missing. The colour scheme I chose throughout the website are those that I felt were bold, meaning that key points could be caught in the eye of the viewer but yet not too glary. I chose (as shown on the right) a white background which I believe enables the information to stand out in the cream coloured boxes that I have placed them in. The sharper colours such as the green and the red bring another edge/tint to the page. The text font that I chose, “Impact” I believe is a font that can be accepted by all generations as a formal but yet informal font, meaning that it is a font that you can use in any type of situation. It is a clear font so the viewer will not have trouble making out what the words are.

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