Monday, 9 May 2011


 Question 4.
Who Would the Audience be for your Media Product?
The audience for my website would be those aged between 12 and 18 and definitely those people that are concerned about health and fitness. The reason that I chose this target age was because the government are developing new ways to reduce obesity in the UK in teenagers. Even though the club is for people aged from 12 to 18 they are not the only age group to view the website. Their parents, grandparents, older/younger siblings might view the website that is why I have created it to cater for everybody’s needs. To see what people thought a website should entail and what their general fitness was like I created a questionnaire, which I then handed out to people of these ages and older, those of a different ethnicity and gender etc.
When I then got my results back I noticed that not many people were happy with the level of fitness clubs such as gyms and sports clubs in the area. From what they said about what a health and fitness website should entail I have tried to fit as much in as I can into the website, so that the website can cater for each person’s desires therefore making them like the website.
Below shows the results in a pie chart format from a question about what would they like to change in their gym?:

I asked thirty people what they would like to change most in their gym and the results came back telling me that they would like to change the costs most. This shows me that the high costs put people off going to the gym and having fitness sessions due to the fact that they can’t afford it. This is evidential in the pie chart shown above.

I also asked them to rate the hobbies in order of preference from one to five. The pie charts shown above display the results from which I can see that sport and reading are the two favourite hobbies’ along with exercise third.
As well as these two questions and more I also asked the person filling in the questionnaire to fill in a little box at the end that was titled ‘any extra comments about the website.’ A lot of the comments that I received back mentioned that the website should be fun, interesting and interactive in some way. That is what I had aimed to do in my website.

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