Monday, 9 May 2011


Question 6.
What Have You Learnt About the Technologies from the Process of Constructing this Product?
The things that I have learnt throughout my media project have been very interesting, helpful and will be used in the future. I learnt how to use iweb from scratch because the Apple software was new to me. Once I got used to the Apple software, however I found the iweb software easy to use. I got used to the layouts and how to insert and aligning objects almost straight away therefore there weren’t many problems in the creation of my website. Final cut express was all new to me when it came to me making my audio-visual piece. Although I had a clear understanding of what I wanted my video to look like I found it a challenge to actually create it in final cut express. Even though I already knew how to use Photoshop from my previous experiences in DT I picked up a various amount of skills that I did not know before such as how to extract and insert a text whilst blurring the background. When I first started to use Photoshop I found it was very confusing, however once I got used to it I found it was very easy to use and I could achieve basically exactly what I wanted the image to look like.

From when I first started my preliminary site to now having finished both site I feel like my skills have come on dramatically. Both my attitude and my approach have come on. You are able to see this by viewing both of my websites and seeing the technical difference and the aesthetics.

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