Sunday, 8 May 2011


Question 2.
How does your media product represent particular social groups?
The types of people that my website would interest are those people aged between twelve and fourteen, who themselves wish to get fit of know of someone who wishes to get fit. My website covers all social groups in a fair way and isn’t discriminating in anyway be it race, gender or social economic. The issue that my website represents is health and fitness in the younger generation doing this through text, video and imagery. Throughout the website every image or visual shot have been captured in the highest resolution making them of the highest quality available. They relate to what FITT club do and stand for which is showing people how they can get fit and healthy instead of boring them with facts and statistics. I feel that these technical qualities means that the younger generation, who have been brought up with technology can relate to the site and believe that it is an entertaining and cool website that still brings its point to interest.

The wording and colour scheme relates to those of all generations. This means that anyone who is able to read can understand the website and what it stands for. The wording is informative however makes the viewer want to know more in a good way. This thirst to know more that is left with the viewer is exactly what is wanted from the website so that the viewer becomes more interested in the website and therefore health and fitness. The key points and the options shown address the viewer about the ways that you can get healthy and fit. The layout is another key element to the interactivity with the different social groups. I took my time in making sure each box was aligned or neat so that the website was smart and aesthetically pleasing and not messy and therefore not confusing to use meaning that the viewer would not loose interest in the website. My website will help people understand all there is to know about health and fitness. This is done on the website by the interactive links on each page which allows you to find your way around the entire website and each page with information about all the different things that FITT club do.

Chosing a white background  enables the information to stand out in the cream coloured boxes that I have placed them in this allows clear vision for those of all ages of the information. The sharper colours such as the green and the red bring another edge/tint to the page. The text font that I chose, “Impact” I believe is a font that can be accepted by all generations as a formal but yet informal font, meaning that it is a font that you can use in any type of situation. It is a clear font so the viewer will not have trouble making out what the words are.

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