Monday, 9 May 2011


Question 5.
How did you attract/address your audience?
The main way that I attracted and addressed the audience was through the way of aesthetics. Having an aesthetically pleasing website will mean that it will stand out the viewer. A good choice of colour’s and layout will mean that the website will look smart and this will mean that viewer will like it and be more interested in it then a plain, boring website. The highlighted text in the coloured boxes show the reader where the facts are meaning the website is user friendly. The language used in the website is also attractive for the customer. Each sentence sticks to the point without waffling on and describes FITT club in a way that makes the viewer want to read on. There are also no hard words to understand however the text used is still an educational choice of language. This is so the website can be read and enjoyed by that of all ages and intelligence.  
Having a user friendly website that is easy to use is also a major way of attracting in the viewers. Having a website that is easy to use and follow means that the viewer is more likely to like the website and therefore use it. I incorporated a ‘search’ toolbar that makes the website easy to search for what you would like to look at. The use of imagery and videos to back up the points made in the text and to also show off parts of FITT club mean that the website is more attractive to the viewer and that means that they will be interested in watching the video or seeing more of the images.
Other things that I have incorporated into my website to attract the viewer are things like different font sizes/colour’s, rollovers, slideshows and music. One of these things doesn’t really make a difference but all of them together give the website uniqueness, something that all of the other health and fitness websites haven’t got. The clear layout of the home page makes the website attractive and easy/clear to use.
I expect the audience to be impressed with my website and its smart, aesthetically pleasing, precise layout. I also hope that they will be impressed with the content of the website and the video’s and imagery that backs up the text and information. 

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